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Webb Institute - Academic and Curriculum Information

Degrees and Majors

This section provides a brief outline of the degrees awarded by this college and a listing of the majors and minors which lead to those degrees.

  • Bachelor degrees awarded and list of majors leading to the bachelor degree.
  • Master degrees awarded and list of majors leading to the master degree.
  • Related programs offered by this college:
    • Double majors
    • Internships

Other Curriculum Information

  • A general education/core curriculum is required by this school.
  • Graduate schools/programs are offered by this college. Undergraduates may not take graduate-level classes.
  • List of Pre-professional programs that are designed to prepare you for graduate study.
  • List of Cooperative Education programs offered by this school.
  • List of exchange programs offered by this school:
      All students are employed in two-month internships in the marine industry each academic year.

Accreditation and Faculty

Agencies that accredit our undergraduate programs

  • MCACS (Middle State Assn. of Colleges and Schools)

Ethnicity of Undergraduate Faculty

Highest degree held by faculty:

  • Phd: 44%
  • Master's: 100%
  • Bachelor's: 100%
  • Other: 11%

Student-Faculty Ratio: 5 to 1