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Your advertising key to the education and potential students markets


Performance-Based Advertising Solutions

What is all about? connects potential students with the best Courses, Programs, institutes, Schools, Colleges and Universities for their needs, as well as resources to succeed as a student in their quest for knowledge and education. While our users fall into many categories, most are students seeking graduate, undergraduate degrees or online courses.  Other users on our site are working professionals seeking advanced degrees or continuing education. We are pleased with our success so far, and are excited about our ever-increasing capacity to serve as a connection between potential students and learning providers. 

Why should we advertise on
Learning providers find us easy to work with and responsive to their needs. Perhaps most important are our targeted and customized, low-risk performance-based solutions. You choose the potential students you want to target by specifying the region and type of program. Thereby increasing you revenues by having more students admitted in your institution and paying only for potential and valuable leads which is the most important factor for any instutions success. Take a look at some recent press about this form of advertising (also referred to as cost-per-action, CPA or pay-per-performance):

"Online media buyers are beginning to realize that they have to use what I call the three P's of online marketing: pay per performance… Buyers continue looking for cost-per-action (CPA) deals, where we pay only when a desired action results from ad efforts." Adam Posman, ClickZ - September 20, 2000.

"In the next four years, the web will shift from the advertising on which most off-line media are based - the cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) - toward a pay-per-performance standard."  Greg Farrell, USA Today - September 1, 2000

"One way the web can reassure traditional marketers would be to link ad pricing to performance…"  Heather Green, Business Week - September 11, 2000.

How do I learn more?
If you are interested in learning more about obtaining high-quality leads from, please contact us.

Business Development

Phone: 732-940-8515

What We Offer:

Database Listings - Have your courses and programs listed in our database.  Our advertisers receive more listings, faster service and free updates.

Featured Listings - Why not have your full course or degree description appear in our featured course location, next to the brief descriptions from your competition?

Select Listings - Database listings of our advertisers are listed first when users 'browse' our categories, a free benefit.

Banners - We offer banners in different locations throughout the site, at very competitive prices, including: home page, search sections, info sections and page footers.

Also Available:

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