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Webb Institute - Admission Procedures

Application Deadlines | Deposits | Early Decision/Admission

Application Dates

This section covers information about dates concerning the application process.

  • This college requires you to take the SAT I or ACT by December of your senior year.
  • You need to take the SAT II by December of your senior year.
  • You should visit the college for your interview by December 30 of your senior year.
  • The application dates followed by this college are as follows:
    • Priority Application Deadline: October 15.
    • Final Application Deadline: February 15.
  • Admission notification policy: Notification of admission is sent March 1 to April 30.
  • Admission acceptance policy: Reply is required within 10 days of acceptance.


  • A room deposit of $150.00 is required.

Other Application Information

  • The admissions process at this college is need blind.

Early Decision and Acceptance Programs

  • This school has a formalized early decision program in place for students who are positive they want to attend if they are accepted. This program allows the student to apply early and then let them know earlier than normal about their admission status.
  • Early decision application deadline for fall entry is October 15.
  • Out of 1 early decision applicants, 100% were accepted to the school.