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Wells College - Admission Criteria

Criteria Ranking | High School GPA and Class Rank | Standardized Tests

Criteria Ranking

  • Academic ranking criteria for this college is listed below. Academic criteria are ranked in order of importance from 1 (Most important) through 5 (Least important) or N (Not relevant).

      Rank Criterion
      1 Secondary School Record
      2 Class Rank
      3 School's Recommendation
      4 Standardized Test Scores
      5 Essay

  • The following non-academic criteria are indicated as E (Emphasized), I (Important), C Considered, or N (Not relevant).

      Rank Criterion
      E Character and Personality
      E Extracurricular participation
      C Particular talent or ability
      N Geographical distribution
      C Alumni/ae relationship

High School GPA and Class Rank

  • The average high school/secondary school Grade Point Average for freshmen stood at 3.3.
  • Following is a breakdown of the high school class rank of enrolled freshmen.

    Rank Percent
    Top fifth 67%
    Second fifth 22%
    Third fifth 10%
    Fourth fifth 1%

Standardized Test Score Criteria

  • Scores reported below include some using the old scoring system which have not been recentered.
  • 70% of accepted applicants submitted an SAT I score and 30% of accepted applicants submitted an ACT score.
  • The recent adjustment to the SAT I scoring system has affected the school's admission policy: Contact the school directly.
  • Here are the scores of enrolled freshmen who took the SAT I:

      SAT verbal scores over 500 85%, SAT math scores over 500 73%, ACT scores over 18 93%, SAT verbal scores over 600 36%, SAT math scores over 600 23%, ACT scores over 24 60%, SAT verbal scores over 700 6%, SAT math scores over 700 1%, ACT scores over 30 7%

  • Here are the scores of enrolled freshmen who took the ACT:

      Score English Math Composite
      30-36 n/an/a 7%
      24-29 n/an/a 37%
      18-23 n/an/a 56%