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University of Kentucky - List of Student Activities and Organizations

Fraternities & Sororities|Campus-based Organizations|Student Activities

Fraternities & Sororities

  • Fraternities
    • We have 22 fraternities on campus.
    • 16% of the men join a fraternity.
    • 15 of the fraternities have a chapter house.
  • Sororities
    • We have 17 sororities on campus.
    • 16% of the women join a sorority.
    • 13 of the sororities have a chapter house.

Campus-based Organizations

  • Religious Organizations:
    Bahai Association, Baptist Student Union, Bible Study Group, Campus Crusade for Christ, Christian Student Fellowship, Collegiate Women for Christ, many other religious groups
  • Minority Student Organizations:
    Black Student Union, Black Voices, minority fraternities/sororities
  • Foreign Student Organizations:
    International Student Center
  • Other Student Organizations:
    chorus, glee club, marching band, symphonic band and orchestra, opera workshop, modern dance club, theatre, debating, departmental, political, and special-interest groups
  • There are a total of 254 registered organizations.

Student Activities

  • Government
  • Newspaper: Kentucky Kernal, published daily
  • Yearbook
  • Radio