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North Carolina State University - List of Student Activities and Organizations

Fraternities & Sororities|Campus-based Organizations|Student Activities

Fraternities & Sororities

  • Fraternities
    • We have 24 fraternities on campus.
    • 14% of the men join a fraternity.
    • 21 of the fraternities have a chapter house.
  • Sororities
    • We have 10 sororities on campus.
    • 14% of the women join a sorority.
    • 6 of the sororities have a chapter house.

Campus-based Organizations

  • Religious Organizations:
    Bahai Club, Baptist Student Union, Canterbury Club, Catholic Student Center, Christian Science Organization, Cloud and Fire Express, Collegian Christian Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, New Generation Ministries, Signs of Life, Society of Paganism and Magick, many other religious groups
  • Minority Student Organizations:
    Society of African-American Culture, Native American Organization, Black Students Board, NAACP, Student Mentor Association, National Society of Black Engineers, Kemetic Benu Order, Sista to Sistah, United Student Felllowship
  • Foreign Student Organizations:
    Chinese, Ethiopian, Hong Kong, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American, Malaysian, Pakistani, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Zimbabwean groups
  • Other Student Organizations:
    symphonic, marching, and ROTC bands, glee club, drama group, political, professional, service, and special-interest groups
  • There are a total of 300 registered organizations.

Student Activities

  • Government
  • Newspaper: Technician, Nubian Message
  • Magazine
  • Yearbook
  • Radio
  • TV