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Financial Aid: Private Sources

Private Sources of Scholarships, Grants and Loans

Private scholarships can be obtained by students who put some time and effort into the search. These scholarships include aid provided by:

  • your own high school,

  • local community organizations,

  • service clubs,

  • private companies, and

  • other philanthropic organizations not affiliated with your target colleges.

    Currently, with federal and state funding being cut, interest is growing in the private sector as a source of financial aid. You may be surprised to find that private funding criteria are quite different from more typical need-based requirements. Your family background, as well as your grades, hobbies and accomplishments may be relevant.

    While there are, in fact, untapped sources of financial aid, much of it is relatively difficult to get your hands on. Private sources outside your own community may have very restrictive requirements to qualify for aid, and many scholarships are highly competitive based on grades and achievements. It is important to find out relevant information about the scholarships before applying to ensure that you are not wasting your valuable time.

    Questions to consider: