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Not sure what "type" of college to go to? We have a comprehensive directory & list of different types of schools, colleges, Universities & Institutes that you can learn about so you make the right decision before you enroll: Community Schools, Art Schools, Business Schools, Under Grad Schools, Law Schools, Architecture, Medical Schools, Online Schools, Graduate Schools, Sports Schools , Research Schools

Financial Aid

Identify your personal opportunities for Financial Aid. Learn about what kind of sources you have available to you. Understand your Estimated Family Contribution, Eligibility, Requirements & More.

Admissions Center

In our Admissions Center, you will have a plethora of information to your disposal: Admission FAQ, an Application Time Table, Recommendation Letters, School Selection Guides, List of Degrees and a comprehensive list of Education Terminology

The Application Essay

Let us help you overcome the "Fear of the Blank Page." The key is to "Know Your Audience" and understand what criteria your school is looking for. Overall you will learn how to write effective Application Essays, Common Essay Questions and how to apply our very own Essay Evaluation Guidelines

Admission Tests

Track important Admission Test dates, get up-to-date test information on the PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, ACT and Advanced Placements.


Search for your school of interest by state and when you are done, do some research on the college of your choice or take a virtual tour. You can search by school name or the state in which the school is located in!

Personal Organizer offers a step by step personal guide for you to understand the application process for undergrad school, College application requirements,  College Admission Do's and Don'ts as well as a timetable for you to plan when you are a sophomore, junior, senior, or as even early as since 9th grade. Each student can develop a Personal Organizer with action plans, monthly milestones, due dates and reminders specific to selected schools. Organize and keep track of your monthly activities. Meet all application deadline!

Going To College

More education can make a huge difference in your life and your family's. It can open doors of opportunity, financially and personally. Find out what going to college can mean for you. This section is not limited to the prospective college student; it is also for parents and teachers/counselors.