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info for teachers/counselors is intended to inspire people to pursue education beyond high school. Throughout the site, students are encouraged to look to school counselors and teachers for guidance and advice. For many of them, your support will be critical.

That's why this site is for you, too. Look around. You'll find information and resources that will help turn your students' dreams of college, trade or technical school into realities. Help spread the word”tell your students and their families about this site.

why gogrey arrow

Information on the benefits of getting more education after high school. Includes a page with resources to help students investigate educational and career paths.

what to dogrey arrow

Information to help plan and organize the path to college or other postsecondary education. Provides resources to help students research schools, learn about standardized tests and apply for admission. Also includes a calendar of tasks for high school seniors, plus planning advice for juniors and younger students.

how to paygrey arrow

Information on money available to help pay for college or other postsecondary education. Provides an overview of financial aid, kinds of aid available, help to find money and use it wisely and guidelines on applying for aid.

Key links for counselors/teachers: