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find your passion

endless possibilities

Going to Work: Create a Career

Some people simply have "jobs," while others have "careers."

What's the difference? With a career, the kind of work you do is based on your interests. It's a path you've chosen. College can help you turn your passions and interests into a career you love.

Fast Fact: Choosing a college major does not limit you to one type of career.

Career Possibilities: what could you do?

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Discovering Your Interests: Listen to Yourself

What do you like to do? It's a tough question to answer, but spend some time considering it. Day to day, notice the things you do that interest you the most. During quiet times, where does your imagination lead you? Make note of these things as they come to you. Try these sites to match your interests to career possibilities:

What Do You Like?

What's a Major: Decide What to Study

A college major provides a framework for your studies and the classes you'll need to take. Some majors, like engineering, prepare students for specific careers. Other majors, like liberal arts, can lead to many different career paths.

Not sure what to major in? Don't worry. Many schools don't require you to declare (choose) a major right away. And you can always change your major later on.

Fast Fact: Most college students change their majors at least once.

Be Open to Opportunity: Stay Curious

Over and over again, students say that college led them to career paths they never imagined for themselves, or weren't even aware of.

So, even if you know what courses you want to study, even if you already have a possible career in mind, stay open to new opportunities.

"There is no reason to have to know what you want to do when you come to college. College is a place and time for you to explore all those avenues and opportunities."
Kansas State University

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Four students respond:

"I chose my major based on what subjects I enjoyed and excelled in during high school. Since writing for the school newspaper became my favorite class, I decided to major in journalism."

"Your choice of major depends on your interests and what you'd like to do after college. For example, I'm really interested in helping people, so I chose psychology."

"The best major is a completely personal decision. When you get to college you will have the chance to explore classes and subjects that will help you figure out the right major for you."

"There is not really a 'best' major. Remember to choose one that's interesting and enjoyable to YOU, not one that your friends and family think is best. After all, YOU will be taking the classes and doing the work!"

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