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prove your potential

you can succeed

You Are College Material: Believe It to Achieve It

At some time or another, many students have doubts that they are college material. A lot of the students you see on this site said they had these doubts.

But once they started putting in the effort to go to college, they realized that they could do it. Believing in yourself is the most important step to success. Millions just like you were able to say "I'm going." You can, too.

Low GPAs and Test Scores? Keep Moving Forward

A common myth is that only people with excellent high school grades and SAT® or ACT® scores can go to college. It's just not true.

  • Different colleges have different admissions standards; if you don't get into one, keep looking.
  • You can take the standardized tests over again to improve your scores. Taking them again can only work in your favor, because only your highest scores are reported to the colleges you're interested in.
  • Community colleges can have more open admission policies. Many students begin their college experience at these schools.

Bottom line: good grades and good test scores can definitely help, but low grades and low test scores aren't necessarily deal-breakers. Not at all.

Jamal - I'm Going Guide
"Pursuing education is more than just learning new things. It also gives you the chance to meet new, diverse, and interesting people. You'll develop personal relationships and professional relationships that may last for a lifetime."
Your "I'm going" guide Jamal,
Bowie State University

When No One You Know Is Going: Set Your Own Course

Don't be afraid to go your own way. It's your future. Follow that dream, regardless of what anyone else might think. Your success might even motivate others to follow your example.


Need More Help? Get more ideas for finding a mentor.